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Tiny Book of Everyday Productivity

This book contains 25 highly actionable productivity tricks used by top professionals to stay on top of work, without compromising on family or quality of life.

Each trick mentioned in this book comes with a step-by-step procedure to help you implement it in your life.

Bonus: 5 free-to-use productivity templates!

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Structure of the book

Each chapter in the book contains 3 sections:

Every chapter ends with a Tl; dr section giving you the crux of the trick in just a few sentences. If you’re looking to quickly skim through the book, the Tl;dr section is your friend.

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Discusses the problem


Talks about the solution (productivity trick)


Gives a step-by-step procedure to help you implement the productivity trick.

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About the Author

Mohit Mamoria, CEO of Mailman, is a productivity ninja himself, while being insanely curious about how top professionals manage their time between work and life. He is also the host of the Mailman Podcast where he interviews professionals from top startups and companies on their productivity procedures.

For writing this book, Mohit gathered all the productivity tricks ever mentioned to him, then handpicked 25 tricks to share with everyone through this book.

If you happen to read this book, and find any value in it, do give him a shoutout on twitter.

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