Inbox Zero FAQ

What is a mailbox?

A mailbox is the destination to which email messages are delivered. It is the equivalent of a letter box in the postal system.

What is email management?

Email management is a systematic approach to maximizing productivity by focusing your time and efforts on deep work. You minimize spending your time answering emails.

What is email management software?

Email management software is a tool in your hand that enables you to manage the workflow of emails. It could mean different things to different people, but in essence, it helps users sort, organize and reply to huge volumes of inbound emails in a disciplined manner. This allows for a great deal of time for focused and deep work for increased productivity and efficiency. 

What is the best email management software?

There are many email management softwares out there that serve different purposes. Here are a few that we think you should look out for: 
1. Email Management Software Tools for Analytics
    a. EmailAnalytics
    b. Microsoft MyAnalytics                
2. Email Management Software Tools for Organization and Cleanup   
    a. Front 
    b. Mailman     
3. Email Management Software Tools for Email Marketing
    a. MailChimp
    b. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is inbox zero?

Inbox Zero is a concept introduced to boost one's productivity by minimizing the wasted time and distractions caused by continuous incoming emails. It is a philosophy to discipline yourself and your email inbox with better email management.

How to show efficiency at work?

Efficiency at work enables us to achieve our work goals for the day and for the long term. Better efficiency allows us to be more productive, with the least amount of mistakes made in a given task. Here are some tips for better work efficiency:

- Begin your day by writing a to-do list
- Divide the list into three sections: Highest Importance, Not so important, can be done later
- Assign a dedicated time for the tasks listed in the ‘highest importance’ section; we call it ‘deep work’
- Use email management software during deep work to minimize distractions
- Only after finishing the most important task, look at tasks under ‘not so important’ section and see if a few things can be delegated.
- Things marked under ‘can be done later’ are most the least priority and are to be done lastly or delegated appropriately.

How to manage emails?

Email management helps you save at least 20% of productive time. Here’s what we suggest

- Process your mail once/ twice a day
- Prioritize 20% emails; Defer 80% ones
- Create template replies if you often send similar replies
- Use filters to categorise emails
- Set a limit to the time you spend in the inbox
- Unsubscribe from things you don’t read
- Use Mailman to ensure we do things for you

How to do email management?

1. Discipline Yourself
2. Use Email management softwares like Mailman to snooze, do not disturb, and batch delivery of emails

How to manage emails in gmail?

Emails in gmails can be managed using various Gmail addons like Todoist, Boomerang, etc. Various email management softwares like Mailman can also be used to effortlessly manage one’s emails and increase productivity.

How many emails is too many?

With various distractions already at our fingertips, anything over 20 emails received everyday is considered overwhelming. One also needs to reply to and heed to these emails which increases workload further more.

How to get to inbox zero?

1. A place for everything: Categorize your emails according to a convenient category (type of task, urgency, deadline, etc) as an email management solution.
2. Just do it: We tend to delay our email management priorities with the hope that you will ‘deal with them later’. Reduce the strain of tasks building up and just do one of these 3 things- 
    a. If the task takes less than a minute, get it done right away.
    b. If it takes longer than that, schedule it for later.
    c. If the task is better suited for someone else, delegate.
3. Don’t think twice: Set a day’s time to respond to any email to make sure you don’t carry over more than is necessary.
4. Learn to Let Go: Once you’ve gotten what you need out of an email, delete it.

How to manage emails and tasks?

Emails and tasks form an integral part of one’s work life and can be managed by:

1.  Making a schedule to check emails
2. Filtering important tasks and emails
3. Delegating tasks when required
4. Using Gmail addons
5. Using email management softwares like Mailman

How to apologize for sending too many emails?

Begin your email of apology by saying ‘I apologise for the extra emails but…’ Ensure you add a reasonable excuse for the emails and make sure that your apology is sincere.